Widex USA

Office of Research in Clinical Amplification


ORCA-USA is a hearing aid research facility located in the Illinois Technology & Research Corridor  in the village of Lisle, Illinois (Suburb of Chicago).


Founded in 2001, ORCA-USA along with its sister facility ORCA-Europe  (est. 2007), have been conducting clinical hearing aid research for their parent company Widex AS. Widex designates considerable resources for audiological and technological research in the continual pursuit of refining and developing new hearing aid technology. The results of the hearing aid research conducted at this office assist us in our mission to develop high quality hearing instruments that give people with a hearing loss the same opportunities for communication as people with normal hearing.

We have published numerous publications on our findings. Through sharing this information, we hope the hearing healthcare professionals will have a better understanding of our products and become more successful in their fitting.