Office of Research Staff



Francis Kuk, Ph.D.
Vice President – Audiology

Dr. Kuk has been with Widex USA since 1997. He earned both his Masters and Ph.D. degrees at the University of Iowa. Prior to joining Widex, Dr. Kuk held research and faculty positions at the University of Iowa and the University of Illinois-Chicago, respectively. Dr. Kuk has published extensively as well as been a speaker at numerous state, national and international conferences. He is currently the Vice President of Audiology for Widex USA.


Eric Seper, Au.D.

Research Audiologist

Dr. Seper is currently a research audiologist at ORCA-USA. Dr. Seper received his Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Audiology degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Prior to joining Widex in 2014, he was a clinical audiologist in the Chicago area. His duties include research participant recruitment, data collection, and data analysis. 




Petri Korhonen, M.Sc.(tech.)

Research Scientist

Petri Korhonen received his M.Sc. degree in electrical engineering from Helsinki University of Technology in 2004. He worked as a researcher in the Laboratory of Acoustic and Audio Signal Processing at Helsinki University of Technology from 2004 to 2006. In 2006 he joined ORCA-USA. Petri is involved in designing studies, data analysis, and writing study results for publication purposes.


Chris Slugocki

Research Scientist


Chi Lau, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Chi Lau, Ph.D. (Physics, University of Hong Kong), M.Sc. (Clinical Audiology, UK), M. Div. He has been working as a research scientist at ORCA-USA since 2002. His primary roles are research development, data analysis, and data presentation. Before he joined ORCA-USA, he worked at the University of Illinois (Chicago) as a clinical audiologist.